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27/04/17 10:19

Migration drives record high in population

EEA inward migration supports Scotland’s population levels.

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27/04/17 09:30

Scottish farm incomes

Scottish farm incomes: National Statistics

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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27/04/17 00:01

Forensic examination services

Improving experience of evidence taking in sexual assault crimes.

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26/04/17 11:09

EU funding for Seafood Scotland

Support to promote Scotland’s fishing industry globally.

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26/04/17 10:58

Drop in Scots accessing debt solutions

Provisional Accountant in Bankruptcy numbers for the fourth quarter of 2016-17 show a fall in bankruptcies and protected trust deeds

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26/04/17 10:00

Building for the future

£6.4 billion of infrastructure projects underway.

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26/04/17 09:30

Farm rents rise four per cent

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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25/04/17 12:31

Regulating the legal profession

Independent review to protect consumers.

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