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04/11/13 15:34

Media Briefing - Monday 4 November 2013

Media Briefing by a Scottish Government Spokesperson - Monday 4 November 2013

The Scottish Government Spokesperson (SGS) welcomed journalists to the briefing and ran through the day's key events:

The First Minister is meeting with State Councillor Yang Jiechi during his trade mission to China, to discuss how Scotland and China could forge a deeper friendship by building on recent successes such as increasing trade and investment, and a memorandum of understanding that has extended the cultural partnership between the two nations. The First Minister also presented State Councillor Yang with a Mandarin version of the Scottish Government’s China Strategy, outlining the four guiding principles of Scotland’s engagement with the country.

The First Minister has also announced that the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) have agreed a deal for the live screening of 58 matches in China, after an agreement was reached for matches to be broadcast on Chinese television as well as online to 60 million PPLive TV users. This is the first time that such an agreement has been made to broadcast Scottish football live in China. The SGS noted that further information on the deal was available from the Communications First Minister team.

The SGS also informed journalists that a further news release was expected to be issued later today on the Scotland - China Partnership Showcase, and that pictures from today’s events would be available on the Scottish Government Flickr site later.

Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth, John Swinney, has commented on the new Living Wage increase.

The SGS then ran through key events for the rest of the week.