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17/06/14 16:53

Media briefing - Tuesday 17 June 2014

The FMOS welcomed journalists to the briefing and provided an update following the meeting of the Scottish Cabinet earlier that day.

The First Minister had chaired today’s Cabinet from Orkney, where he has been undertaking a series of visits and engagements. The issues discussed by the Cabinet covered:

  • Public Health Minister Michael Matheson updated Cabinet on the Infant Cremation Commission report, which had been published earlier today, advising colleagues that he and Scottish Government officials have been working very closely with the families concerned. Mr Matheson said he will be updating Parliament on the Scottish Government’s response to the 64 recommendations made by Lord Bonomy and his colleagues later today.
  • Health Secretary Alex Neil advised colleagues that he has asked the Acting Chief Medical Officer to write to all Health Boards in Scotland to ask them to consider the suspension of polypropylene mesh medical devices and that he had advised Parliament that a Scottish-based independent review will be established to look at the procedures.
  • Angela Constance, Cabinet Secretary for Youth Employment, welcomed today’s figures showing the highest level on record of the proportion on school leavers staying in a positive-destination beyond school.
  • Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Sport, highlighted today’s National Statistics that reveal 96 per cent of Scottish schools are now meeting the target of delivering two hours, or two periods, of physical education for pupils each week, with 98 per cent expected to be on target by August. This compares to the figure for 2004/05 of only 10 per cent.

The FMOS pointed out that, due to the First Minister chairing what was extended Cabinet Business, he will be leaving Orkney today on a later flight than originally planned. As a result some of his later meetings today have been rescheduled or rearranged.

Asked if this would impact on the First Minister’s meeting with a Ukrainian delegation later today, the FMOS confirmed that this meeting would still take place, but at a later time this evening. Asked if there would be comments issuing to the media following the Ukraine meeting, the FMOS said she would ensure the journalist was kept updated on whether that would be the case.

Asked why the Health Secretary did not simply tell Health Board to cease using polypropylene mesh devices, the FMOS said that Boards would be expected to take heed of the Acting Chief Medical Officers’ advice.