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06/05/14 09:51

Media Briefing - Tuesday 6 May 2014

Post-cabinet media briefing by the First Minister’s Official Spokesperson (FMOS) and the First Minister’s Special Adviser (FMSA): Tuesday 6 May, 2014

The FMOS and FMSA welcomed journalists to the post-cabinet briefing.

FMOS said the Deputy First Minister (DFM) updated cabinet on the transfer of discretionary housing payment powers from Westminster to the Scottish Parliament. DFM will make a statement to parliament tomorrow afternoon to explain the next steps. FMOS said this will involve discussion with Scotland Office and Department for Work and Pensions on the transfer of legislation but as the DFM made clear last week, the Scottish Government will work to ensure the law is changed as quickly as possible.

FMOS said Finance Secretary John Swinney will give evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee tomorrow. She said that it is likely that Mr Swinney will announce the establishment of an independent Scottish Fiscal Commission which will scrutinise government forecasts on tax receipts. The new body will also have an important role to play in the event of a vote for independence once the Scottish Government assumes responsibility for all tax levers.

A journalist asked if the new Oil Bulletin would be published this week. FMSA replied that it would be published soon, but is not likely in the next few days.

FMOS alerted journalists to Minister for Children and Young People Aileen Campbell’s debate on the National Youth Work Strategy this afternoon, and this morning’s announcement of £2.1 million cash-back funding for young people’s projects.