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06/02/14 10:03

Media Briefing - Wednesday 5 February 2014

Media Briefing by the First Minister’s Official Spokesperson (FMOS) – Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The FMOS welcomed journalists to the briefing and provided an update on the events taking place.

Later today Finance Secretary John Swinney will be making a budget statement in the Scottish Parliament.

Mr Swinney would also be visiting the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, to launch the new Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre. The development is forecast to create 1,500 jobs in Scotland within the next five years.

Asked about the health-related news that day, the FMOS highlighted that there was a response available to the Audit Scotland report on reshaping of care. Meanwhile the Health Communications Team could provide reaction to the BBC Scotland investigation in to fraud in the NHS.

The FMOS also confirmed that the Scottish Government would respond to the Justice Committee’s report due out later today.