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10/03/14 10:04

Media briefing – Wednesday March 6 2014

Transport Minister, Keith Brown is announcing the further roll-out of Wi-Fi at railway stations throughout Scotland. The £863,000 investment will fund provision at 26 stations with work expected to be complete by April 2015. Is this phase one or phase two? I thought phase one would be by then and then phase two a year later?

Also, Minister for Young People, Aileen Campbell met with representatives from parenting charities Fathers Network Scotland, Parenting Across Scotland and Working Families to announce Scottish Government funding of £100,000 for an initiative to create more family friendly work-place programmes.

When asked if a Scottish Government response would be going out on Crawford Beveridge, chair of the Fiscal Commission Working Group, giving evidence to the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee today, the FMOS advised that would depend on whether we were asked to give a comment.

When asked if there would be media activity around the Council of Economic Advisers meeting on Friday, the FMOS said journalists would be kept informed of any plans.

When asked if there would be media activity around the Fiscal Commission Working Group meeting on Thursday, the FMOS said that would be matter for the Commission, but she believed there would be an update at the end of their meeting.