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02/10/13 16:29

Media briefing - Wednesday October 2, 2013

FMOS opened the briefing and drew journalist’s attention to the funding for projects to help people self-manage long term health problems, including an ‘asthma orchestra’.

FMSA also flagged up that there would be comments due out from the Finance Minister on both an HMRC report and on the publication of the Fiscal Commission Working Group’s paper recommending the establishment of both an oil stabilisation fund and a longer term oil savings fund similar to the Norwegian model which is now worth around £470 billion. When asked if the idea of two funds was new, FMSA reminded journalists that it was always the Scottish Government’s intention to invest some oil revenue into savings. FMSA also said that the UK was almost unique in not having a savings fund, with Iraq the only other major oil producing country not to have one.

When asked about proposed closures of police counters and where some of the savings could be directed, FMOS reminded journalists that Police Scotland had the operational oversight on the issue.