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24/09/17 00:01

Jury research

First study of its kind in Scotland.

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24/09/17 00:01

Clarity on Brexit Bill vital

Ministers to meet UK counterparts.

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22/09/17 12:41

Improving education

Standardised assessments for schools.

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22/09/17 10:50

Budget date announced

Timetable will provide additional time for Parliament to scrutinise proposals.

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21/09/17 18:14

School reforms progress

International Council of Education Advisers commend improvement action.

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21/09/17 17:00

Reforming contract law

Legislation makes third party rights clearer.

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21/09/17 09:40

Helping Africa’s poor

International development funding for aid agencies.

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21/09/17 09:00

Tackling violence in young people

250 health volunteers reach over 30,000 young people across 90 schools.

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20/09/17 13:58

Empowering teachers

DFM: we will not return to era of prescription

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20/09/17 09:30

More support for young carers

Package of help includes new Young Carer Grant.

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