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21/09/19 00:01

Waverley fund gathers steam

£1 million announced for historic vessel.

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20/09/19 13:14

Renewable energy contracts allocated

Minister calls for review of the system for Scotland.

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20/09/19 09:40

Brexit uncertainty impacts economic growth

State of the Economy report published.

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20/09/19 09:26

Scottish/Irish learning fellowship

New exchange programme launches in Dublin.

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20/09/19 09:10

Northern Isles Ferry Services update

Northern Isles Ferry Services update: Northlink ferry Aberdeen harbour

Islander ferry fare enhancements

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19/09/19 15:12

Children and Young People (Information Sharing) Bill

Information sharing proposals dropped and named person provisions repealed.

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18/09/19 12:49

Protecting against homelessness

£1.5 million for social landlords to work with families.

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18/09/19 12:37

New jobs benefit to launch next Spring

Cash boost for unemployed young people.

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18/09/19 09:33

Brexit uncertainty impacting the economy

Economic output contracts.

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18/09/19 09:30

Economy contracts 0.3% in the second quarter of 2019

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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