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23/10/19 11:00

Supporting communities to deliver change

Social programmes to share £1.8 million funding.

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23/10/19 09:30

Scottish Insolvency Statistics: July to September 2019 (2019-20 Quarter 2)

Issued on behalf of Accountant in Bankruptcy.

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22/10/19 12:10

Update on flu programme

Efforts to minimise any delays to children’s flu vaccination.

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22/10/19 10:18

Withdrawal Agreement Bill

Legislative Consent Memorandum published.

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22/10/19 09:30

Council Tax dwellings and tax base figures for 2019 published

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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21/10/19 12:45

Withdrawal Agreement Bill

Scottish and Welsh First Ministers demand time to scrutinise Brexit deal

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21/10/19 09:30

Scotland’s population projections

Inward migration the only driver of population growth.

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19/10/19 00:01

Salmon exports to Japan

Demand increasing in deal with sushi chain.

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18/10/19 00:01

Human trafficking guidance for health workers

Advice to help NHS staff spot crucial signs.

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