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18/07/13 11:03

Fulbright comes to Scotland

US students learn about culture, identity and innovation in Scotland.

A group of American students are in Scotland to learn about our culture and identity as part of the first ever Fulbright-Scotland Summer Institute.

The nine undergraduate students will take part in an intensive programme of lectures, seminars and cultural visits on the theme ‘Scotland: Culture, Identity and Innovation’ at the Universities of Dundee and Strathclyde over the next five weeks.

Education Secretary Michael Russell said:

“Scotland has a global reputation as a friendly, modern and dynamic nation and our universities are known around the world for the excellent education they offer.

“This is a great opportunity for the students from the United States to learn about the cultural, political and technological factors that have shaped modern Scotland and I hope they enjoy their time here. We value our higher education links with US counterparts and look forward to strengthening these ties in the years to come.”

Penny Egan, Executive Director, US-UK Fulbright Commission said:

“Our summer institute programmes are some of the most competitive in our portfolio of Fulbright awards. We are thrilled to be bringing these super-bright young people to this inaugural Scottish institute to introduce them to the unique Scottish education system. I'm sure they will become life-long advocates.”

Professor Kenny Miller, Vice-Principal, University of Strathclyde, said:

“As a leading international technological university, the University of Strathclyde wholly endorses the Fulbright objectives to promote leadership, learning and empathy between nations through educational exchange.

“We are extremely proud to host the first Fulbright Scotland Summer Institute in partnership with the University of Dundee. Securing this prestigious programme clearly demonstrates Scotland’s excellent global reputation in the higher education sector.

“We look forward to welcoming the Fulbright students to Glasgow to enable them to further experience Scotland’s history, society and culture in a way that will enhance their careers and strengthen Scotland’s links with the US.”

Professor Christopher Whatley, Vice-Principal of the University of Dundee, said:

“Transforming lives is something which is at the core of what we do as University, and I am confident that is what the Fulbright Scotland Summer Institute will do for our American visitors.

“They are already experiencing the richness of Scotland’s culture and are being exposed to some of our leading thinkers at Dundee and Strathclyde and around the country. That is an incredible experience for any young person coming to Scotland.”

Cole Townsend, University of Oklahoma, said:

“I was thrilled to be selected for the Fulbright-Scotland Summer Institute. Scotland has an incredibly rich culture, and we are privileged to experience it through social and academic engagement.”