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29/10/13 09:42

More student support provided

Increase in funding for average student.

The funding provided to Scottish students has increased by £11 million, giving the average student an extra £60 in their pocket.

Figures published by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland show the average support per student increased by 1.4 per cent to £4,316, up from £4,256 in 2011-12, while the number of students supported has increased from 133,990 to 135,375 – a total of one per cent.

Education Secretary Michael Russell said:

“In Scotland we have access to university based on the ability to learn, not the ability to pay. This is backed up by a package of financial support to help students with their living costs these figures show the support we are providing to students is increasing.

“This year saw the introduction of a new support package for students - described by NUS Scotland as ‘the best in the UK’. This will help ensure that our students continue to get the funding they need to complete their university studies.

“I have also recently confirmed a further increase of £250 on student loans – an increase above inflation – further underlining this Government’s commitment to put more money in the pockets of students, students on whom our future economic success depends.”

Notes to editors

The full statistical publication can be accessed at:

Details of the support package for 2014/15

Young students:
Household income
Up to £16,990 – total of £7,500 (bursary of £1,750 and loan of £5,750)
£17,000 - £23,999 – total of £6,750 (bursary of £1,000 and loan of £5,750)
£24,000 - £33,999 – total of £6,250 (bursary of £500 and loan of £5,750)
£34,000 and over - £4,750 loan

Independent students:
Household income
Up to £16,990 – total of £7,250 (bursary of £750 and loan of £6,750)
£17,000 - £23,999 –£6,750 loan
£24,000 - £33,999 –£6,250 loan
£34,000 and over - £4,750 loan