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30/10/14 12:00

Project Ginsberg

Project Ginsberg: Project Ginsberg

New tool to help people improve mental wellbeing

An innovative new online tool has been launched by the Scottish Government to help people improve their mental wellbeing.

Ginsberg is a free website which allows people to track their mood and find out how it is affected by their physical actions. This could be how much alcohol they have drunk, how much exercise they’ve taken, or whether they have spent time with their friends.

The site is still being developed, but is fully functional and ready to use. New users are welcome to sign-up.

Users who sign up choose three out of 18 aspects of wellbeing that are important to them. These include relationships with other people, how energetic they are feeling and how hopeful they feel about the future. Each day Ginsberg asks users to record how they feel against each of these indicators, plotting moods over a course of time.

Users also record other details about what they do each day, including sleep, exercise, nutrition and alcohol consumption. Ginsberg then uses this to demonstrate correlations between behaviour and moods, allowing users to see how they can improve the way they feel.

All data is completely confidential and is not shared with any third parties. There is no advertising on the site.

Ginsberg is a joint project between the Scottish Government, NHS 24 and New Media.

Michael Matheson, Minister for Public Health, said:

“Many of us are living busier and more stressful lives than we used to, with the pressures of work and home life sometimes taking their toll on mental wellbeing. The great thing about Ginsberg is that it allows people to see where the pressures are building up.

“Ginsberg allows people to see patterns that are developing, and to draw links between what they are doing with their time, and how they’re feeling. This might be as simple as seeing that a good night’s sleep makes you feel better, or it might show you the benefits of exercise, which is one of the best things you can do to improve your mood.

“The Scottish Government has got involved with developing Ginsberg because we recognise how important it is for everyone to look after their mental health. Ginsberg is for everyone, and not just for people who might be feeling depressed or suffering from anxiety.

“The technology is easy to use, and all data is kept 100 per cent confidential. It is completely free.”

Joe Halliwell, Senior Engineer at Ginsberg, said:

“There is nothing else quite like Ginsberg on the market at the moment. It provides a safe, private space for reflection, and uses the latest technologies such as mobile apps and wearables to make it as easy as possible for help people to see the connections between their physical and emotional self.”


To sign up for Ginsberg, visit:


Project Ginsberg

Project Ginsberg

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