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13/06/13 21:04

University Marine Biological Station Millport

Education Secretary welcomes agreement on future of the station.

Welcoming the announcement that an agreement has been reached on the future of the University Marine Biological Station Millport which will see its ownership transferred from the University of London to the Field Studies Council, Education Secretary Mike Russell said:

“I welcome this agreement which is a big step forward in helping to secure for the long term future of the University Marine Biological Station Millport which has suffered years of under investment from the University of London.

"Many people have been working tirelessly to maintain the provision of marine field studies at Millport in order to secure local jobs, take advantage of the environment and history of the site and underpin the economy of the Island of Cumbrae.

“The Scottish Government has been engaged throughout to make sure we did not lose this valuable asset and I would especially like to thank North Ayrshire Council and the local MSP Kenneth Gibson for their hard work in making this important development happen.

"The Scottish Government will continue to work with North Ayrshire Council to assist them in finalising arrangements with the Field Studies Council."