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08/09/20 17:45

UK Internal Market Bill

Scottish Government consent impossible.

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08/09/20 15:14

Pilot football matches

Two test events to be played in front of home fans.

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08/09/20 13:36

Council Tax Reduction scheme supports almost 500,000 Scots

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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08/09/20 12:44

Scottish Child Payment could support up to 194,000 children

Forecasts suggest around 24,000 additional children will qualify

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08/09/20 09:38

School estate improving

Record investment in new schools.

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08/09/20 09:20

School Estates and Healthy Living Survey Statistics

School Estates and Healthy Living Survey Statistics: National Stats logo-2

National Statistics Publications for Scotland.

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07/09/20 18:25

Update on restrictions in West of Scotland

Limit on indoor gatherings extended to Renfrewshire and East Dunbartonshire.


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07/09/20 09:30

Drinking Water Quality in Scotland 2019 - Private Water Supplies

Issued on behalf of Scotland’s Drinking Water Quality Regulator.

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05/09/20 10:00

Opportunities for minority ethnic people

£470,000 to fund 50 leadership placements.

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