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19/02/14 20:11

Children and Young People Bill passed

Children and Young People Bill passed: More support for children and families

Reforms will help Scotland become ‘the best place in the world to grow up’.

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19/02/14 12:32

Call for farm tenancy evidence

Agricultural Holdings Legislation Review Group wants to hear from tenants and landlords.

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19/02/14 10:57

Stop on sight

Stop on sight: Stop on sight - Young architects to breathe new life into scenic views

Young architects to breathe new life into scenic views.

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19/02/14 10:06

Decrease in derelict and urban vacant land

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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19/02/14 10:04

Fit in 14

Fit in 14: The nationwide ‘Fit in 14’ campaign

Legacy project to get Scotland’s workforce active

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19/02/14 09:36

Largest annual rise in employment since 2007

First Minister welcomes rise as 1,200 new job opportunities created.

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19/02/14 00:01

1,200 job opportunities for young people

FM announces £4 million for extra jobs

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18/02/14 14:50

Scotland’s future in the EU

Independence would give Scotland a seat at Europe’s top table.

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18/02/14 09:45

Brighter future for care leavers

New powers allow young people in care to receive support for longer.

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18/02/14 09:37

‘Bedroom Tax’ help

Nearly 7,000 extra households receive assistance in just one month.

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